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$15.00 - donordude69420
do it for the write offs

$5.00 - xXxDonat0rxXx
i love donating :)


Making a donation helps the servers stay up, helps us implement new ideas, reward the staff, and many other important things. You're never expected to donate, but if you do, you'll gain access to unique benefits, cosmetic bonuses, and extra permissions as described below. None of these bonuses will be enough to gain any sort of competitive edge as we strive to keep our servers free of pay-to-win mechanics. If you're still interested, the minimum donation for donator status is $5, and donations are approved manually. Please allow some time after the donation or alert an admin in chat using "///" or "@" followed by a brief message. Example: "/// help I donated".

We appreciate any donation more than you can imagine!

Donator benefits for 7n Gangland RP (

  • Access to reserved slots
  • Access to all jobs
  • Doubled prop limit
  • Votekick ability
  • Votemap ability (once map rotation is enabled)
  • Physgun enabled
  • Various tools enabled (limited to basic tools like color, material, etc.)
  • Fading doors tool
  • Self faceposer tool
Donator benefits for future servers will appear here also.

Note: you can gain respected (a tier below donator that grants similar upgraded features) just by logging 20 hours on any individual 7n server (after manual review). This way, players can achieve similar access to donators if they don't have the means to donate (minus a few exclusive donor benefits as listed above).